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Wireless Stereo Speaker System

                The Harman Kardon Nova Wireless Stereo Speaker System has been developed with attention to the smallest details of acoustics and materials. From the seamless, see- through enclosure to the custom tuned DSP, every detail of the Nova screams standing ovation. The Nova adapts easily to nearly any audio system, and offers both analog and optical connections as well as Wireless Bluetooth® with NFC.



Powered 2.0 stereo speaker system with extended bass response.

                At 40 Watts of power the Harman Kardon Nova delivers all the power you need for a powerful home audio system. With a Bass Boost function and a generous enclosure, the Nova offers all the size and performance features for full fidelity performance.


Performance-tuned 2.5” drivers and 1.25” tweeters produce a richer listening experience.

                As a customized acoustic package, the Nova delivers clarity from the highest treble to deepest bass. Its 2.5” drivers and 1.25” tweeters, when combined with its Passive Radiator, deliver a full range of sound that’s bound to win the heart of any listener.


Harman DSP for Improved Soundstage and Voicing

                The Harman Kardon Nova is a custom-tuned speaker system with a proprietary Harman DSP developed specifically for the Nova’s drivers and tweeters. These work in tandem to deliver improved depth of soundstage, along with overall imaging. The results speak for themselves: jaw-dropping levels of realism added instantly to your listening experience.


Compatibility with any device via analog, optical, or Bluetooth® wireless with NFC

                Think of the Harman Kardon Nova as your all-in-one home audio solution. The Harman Kardon Nova is compatible with nearly any sound delivery device – using an analog 3.5mm connector to connect to computers, smart phones, tablets, or stereo equipment not to mention optical connectivity with televisions, Apple TV, or a Roku Box. Furthermore, it comes with built-in Bluetooth® wireless with NFC so you can pair it to your smartphone, computer or tablet with no cables needed.


Audio Specifications

  • Frequency Response : 55 Hz – 20 KHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio : 85 dB


General Specifications

  • Power : 19 VDC, 3A
  • Weight (Metric/English) : 1.9 lb (0.86 kg) x 2 pcs
  • Dimensions: Satellites (H x W x D – Metric/English) : 165 x 160 x 114 mm
  • Power Supply : 19V DC, 3A

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