1. 2.What are sound isolating earphones?

    Sound isolating earphones were originally developed as Personal Monitor Systems to allow musicians to hear their own performances in loud onstage environments. Sound isolating earphones work by using soft, pliable sleeves to block background noise, allowing small, high-performance drivers to deliver incredibly precise sound directly to the ear. These professional-quality earphones are now available for use with all of your portable digital devices.
  2. 2.What is the difference between Sound Isolating & Noise Cancelling?

    The seal created by a sound isolating earphone physically blocks most frequencies of background noise. Active noise cancellation "headphones" are generally larger, heavier and battery-driven. The active cancellation process negates selected frequencies through a complex process that can even introduce unwanted artifacts into the resulting audio. The natural sound isolation properties of a properly fitted in ear earphone exceeds the performance of even the most expensive active noise cancellation alternatives.
  3. 3.What is the Triple High-Definition MicroDriver

    : It is made up of three balanced armature drivers – one dedicated tweeter and dual woofers. It also includes an integrated passive crossover that ensures high and low frequencies remain distinct and defined. This allows you to hear the details of your music like never before.
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