1. 1.Dock insert plate for iPhone in JBL ontime 200id is not firmly when connected. What Should I do?

    JBL ontime 200id with Adapter for connecting iPhone why so they can connect the iPhone to the Dock Connector have soundly, I suggest, tilt iPhone to match the connector and then gradually and after usage do not surges or retrieved because the ventilation may cause garbled Dock Connector are damaged or bent.
  2. 2.I Purchased OnTime Micro. Why is the radio wave become one decimal position. What should I do?

    Go to main menu and then choose a region and then select the Asia.
  3. 3.What is better, two or three way speakers?

    A.This subject is a matter of personal taste. It is entirely possible that you may like a two-way speaker better than a three-way. Your best bet is to listen and decide which sounds better to you. Not by how many components are in the speakers, but by how they sound. In a Three Way speaker, the woofer, midrange and tweeter each have a specific bandwidth of music to reproduce. The low frequencies to the woofer, the mid frequencies to the midrange and the high frequencies to the tweeter. A Two Way speaker needs to divide the mid frequencies between the woofer and tweeter. Because a Three Way speakers midrange driver, the mid frequencies are sometimes more pronounced than with a Two Way speaker. There are also Four Way (Woofer, Mid-bass, Midrange and Tweeter) and Five Way (Woofer, Mid-bass, Midrange, High-Midrange and Tweeter) Speakers.
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