1. Where can I get the Tivoli Audio products?

    please follow this link http://www.mahajaklife.com/wheretobuy.php?brandid=1
  2. Why the price of Tivoli Audio are higher than other brands?

    The reasons are Tivoli Audio products are concern to the product quality. in terms of a clear radio receiver, the materials used in manufacturing, and crystal clear sound quality.
  3. My house is in Klongteoy road, near the community radio. Interference with radio communications. So I'd like to know that can Tivoli Audio solve this problems and how?

    Tivoli Audio's products are recognized in terms of the audio signal. The receiver has been designed to be the same technology used in mobile phones. So make sure to get a good radio reception.
  1. Why Tivoli Audio Music system cannot play MP3 files?

    As Product Tivoli Audio Music System is designed to support only the file Music Audio only. The reason that is designed like this because the sound from the Music Audio have got higher Bitrate than MP3 files. So you can feel every beat from your Tivoli Audio Music System.
  2. Can The Connector connect with other speaker?

    Yes. you can connect if the speaker has AUX Channel. Just plug the 3.5 mm cable into AUX channel. Or if you plug AV cable into TV, you can view the movie file from your iPod/iPhone through your TV as well.
  3. How's the different between digital and analog system of Tivoli Audio products. which one is better?

    Tivoli Audio product that is an analog system will focus on the precision for radio. This ratio can be 1 to 5 of the common radio. For the digital system will focus on speed and ease of tuning.
  4. How long lifespan of Pal Battery and how can I change them?

    Pal's Battery is a battery charger just leave the connector plug for 3 hours. You can play the music 8 hours on average.
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